Self-Talk Creates Reality


11 thoughts on “Self-Talk Creates Reality

  1. I agree with your advancing the value of self talking or conversation as a meditative approach to understanding and development of ourselves, and the benefits that will ensue. I do so until you bring on the sales pitch of man made god, said father etc, which is where you tune me out.

    • I’m glad you were able to take some things from the video. I totally understand where you are coming from in your last sentence. I’m not sure if you knew, but I did not make the video; however, when it comes to religion, I also automatically tune out, but there is always something a little different to get from everyone who mentions it. I also agree with the man made god thing, but I also keep an opened mind and let people tell me about themselves.

      • I appreciate you’re candor and am pleased that the ideas are being put out there for consideration with an intelligent approach. I still have reservations about mixing intelligent ideas with mind numbing canned religion said philosophy, the latter minimizing the potential positive effect. If we want to help people stand on their feet we have to remove the unnecessary crutches, such as religious and nationalistic issues and interference. JJ

      • Sadly no, and alas not in my time, maybe even never. Need I remind you that religion is big business, i.e. the Roman Catholic Church with all the power and money to keep selling their wares convincingly to the meek and weak. Not to mention all the other religions that achieve results with terrorism and dictatorship.

        But that should not stop sane people to help other sane people, as well as try to live their lives with intelligence, kindness, and understanding toward their fellow-man. JJ

      • I should add that on second thought a lot of people have, and for example “Om” practitioners , the baby steps and if they can do without the Divine, they would have passed the baby steps. As for the most of the long time anchored religious devotees my prior reply stands. JJ

      • I totally understand where you stand, and my philosophy is not so different from yours.

        I reach out to the spiritual and the religious. All religions contain some kind of truth, the problem is how it’s taught. It’s taught in such a way that generates money. I have ran into many people that has cursed religious people and the like. This has shown me that the cursers are still in the matrix as well. I am no religious person as you know; however, I am a mystic: Christian mystic, Jewish mystic, Sufi, etc. They all say the same thing’s but in different ways. The video I posted had things for you, and it had something for those of the religious. You answered my question stating that you do not think that they are not ready to get passed the baby steps. Me, however I will, when they find me, give them something a little more than their preachers. We have to reach the decoy of humanity in order for the world’s frequency to change rapidly. My goal is not to change the world, but to only do what I can. I really enjoy this conversation you have brought me. Thank you! 🙂

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