Kingdom Within

Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you. ~ Christ/Luke 17:21 King James Version

Really?.. The kingdom of God is within? Yes, according to Christ. What does he mean by this? Let me see if I can help…

So many religious people ignore this teaching by Christ, in fact, most of Christ’s teachings are. Why? Because teachings as such are not promoted, for special reasons. On the other hand, do we really appreciate things that are just given to us compared to things worked for?… Some people may have been religious all of their lives; yet, have not heard the above quote before.

Do we have any idea of what a sperm cell goes through to reach the mother’s egg? Perhaps! But have we tried connecting that process to the term being “born again?” Everything here, after the birth is the shadow of what we went through in there, racing to the egg. Yes, torture, deceit, murders, lies, etc. Why do you think so many cells die trying to reach that one egg? Those cells were held back–got side swiped with the false beauty of this world, or what I mentioned previously, etc. These sperm cells are already born in their own way, but they would like to become “born again,” a different physical body. So, let me ask you: “If our earth is but one gigantic egg; then, are we really born?” Maybe in our own way. I think master Krishna says it best:

“Among a thousand who seek me, one finds me. Among a thousand who find me, one follows me. And among a thousand who follow me, one is mine. ~ Bhagavad Gita

This post is not to slander anyone, or to say I know this or that, but to attempt to give more meaning to something. That something will be of your own findings.


I have a little knowledge of the Kabbalah, and I find it quite interesting. I will share some of my experiences with you, but not all. The rest you would need to study on your own. Read More >>>


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