Self Actualization

What is self-actualization? Expressing one’s creativity, quest for spiritual enlightenment, pursuit of knowledge, and the desire to give to society are examples of self-actualization. Take away a man/woman’s food, shelter, warmth, security, sense of belongingness et cetera and it will be impossible to ever reach any self-actualization. Our minds would be too wrapped up in other things, trying to become stable. That same man or woman may have an inherent ability to become a great doctor, writer, artist and so on, but that is all at a stand-still.

If one lives a life that is opposite of their nature, things can go wrong because of the basic focus of human needs. One may develop an anxiety or other stresses and not reach that inherent spark. In order to be satisfied, one has to find their flow. If one is able to find tasks that is balancing with one’s own flow; then one would be satisfied.

What is your flow?

Most of us find ourselves doing tasks which may cause boredom, and tasks that are below our abilities can cause anxiety. However,  tasks that matches one’s own abilities allows one to experience their flow.



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