Perfecting Perfect Perfection

The idea of perfection is rarely looked at in a broader scope–taking us to places we have already been, but have never seen. Let me explain: the person that says: “Ohhh, I have never looked at it that way before,” has finally seen something, a place, a feeling that has always been there but not observed. Let me ask you: “what is perfection?” One can do a quick internet search to get plenty of definitions of perfection, but neither are perfect explanations and neither will I offer you one here. I will offer something else to you, a puzzle, an idea which I’d like to call perfecting perfect perfection.

Perfecting Perfect Perfection?

Considering the idea of Godly perfection; it’s all-knowing, all-powerful ways of coping with itself and everything else—life must be awful for such a deity, for there would be nothing to do but boss around and command lesser beings. But wait! This is only our religious understanding of perfection, and it only applies to a God, or a Higher Being per se.

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