The Only Source of Knowledge

Some people gain so much “knowledge,” but yet, tend to complain about how stupid or ignorant humanity is. But you have forgotten, you’re part of humanity and you’re the one complaining—I see you complaining about a moment, where nothing else exists but your complaint… how much better can you actually be? That knowledge you previous grasped was never yours; thus, you did not understand it, which it is only information.

Can words be aware of themselves? The idea of this question is puzzling (or maybe not) because it requires us to think for a moment and expound on several ideas; connected to the question. If we can agree that everything emanates from a primary source, and us as being collective beings feeding off one another; then, words can be the same. Words are neutral, and they help us to tap into our inherent imagination for a possible meaning, a picture of some sort. Expert listeners are able to see beyond the words one uses, because expert listeners have an elevated inherent imagination and a better understanding of themselves.

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