Peace Out

Guns going off who lost their life today
The separation of people in lies we stay
Drug sells many different hells reflected
Soldiers standing up truth is unpopular rejected
Our common enemy has enslaved many by giving us a belief system
The peace keeper spoke many times but we missed’em
Organized aments tested for amusement purposes
The devils TV comedy organized circuses
Keeping one entertained stops the questions
Don’t question authority remain with your be-lessings
School system trains the subconscious
To think unimportant things played over again unconscious
Hurting our neighbor with lower emotions
Disguised as being healthy but clearly poison potions
Families against each other gossipers talk to much
He did this she did that no solution such and such
The world is headed towards what route
What is all this about Peace Out

A.D. Upchurch


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