From Citizen of New Jersey to Citizen of the World: Key Ingredients to Build the Life You Want

How we think determines everything we experience in this life. When I first started toying with the idea of change, I realized for the first time the impact our thoughts have on our reality. I was open to the idea that if I changed how I thought, my world would change along with it. I wanted to be more positive—I wanted to be one of those people who believed good things could happen merely by, well, believing they could. I wanted to believe we have a good deal of control over our experience, and great power in shaping our lives.

When I evaluated my current way of thinking and belief system, I realized I was not a super-negative person, but I certainly didn’t have a shiny outlook on things. Like many people, I just didn’t expect much, and just let life kind of happen to me.

Realize what you believe now is really not based on any sort of hard fact or objective truth—you can believe in something better. You just have to be willing to accept this, and make a serious effort to be different. You must expose yourself to information that helps you internalize these more positive beliefs and ways of thinking—you have a lot of programming to undo, and the repeated exposure is necessary.

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