The Creative Genius Stuck on Stupid

We are all creative geniuses, but what happens when we get stuck on stupid? I am talking about the proverbial writer’s block, the lack of motivation, the lack of desire to do anything productive. We all face days where it takes so much of our energy to just go through the motions of daily life. Be it the housework, the children, the spouse, the job, we all know this feeling well. What we do, and how to overcome the lethargic motions of mundane life can make the biggest difference in asphyxiating apathy. First, we need to accept these feelings as normal and allow ourselves the down time we need to recuperate.

Often, we are compelled to out-do, over compensate, and simply push ourselves to the brink of breaking down and wallowing in mental laziness. If we change our perspective, we will realize this time is vital. It’s like a re-wiring in a sense. Of course we need to set limits to our laziness and throwing in the towel is never an option, but in all honesty, we need this down time. While we think we are not being inspired when in fact we actually are. In our subconscious minds, we are still creating. We are always dreaming, we are always thinking.

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