Peace Out

Guns going off who lost their life today
The separation of people in lies we stay
Drug sells many different hells reflected
Soldiers standing up truth is unpopular rejected
Our common enemy has enslaved many by giving us a belief system
The peace keeper spoke many times but we missed’em
Organized aments tested for amusement purposes
The devils TV comedy organized circuses
Keeping one entertained stops the questions
Don’t question authority remain with your be-lessings
School system trains the subconscious
To think unimportant things played over again unconscious
Hurting our neighbor with lower emotions
Disguised as being healthy but clearly poison potions
Families against each other gossipers talk to much
He did this she did that no solution such and such
The world is headed towards what route
What is all this about Peace Out

A.D. Upchurch

War Ships


Tormented darkened souls gather to fight a battle of superiority

Cannon balls swift shotguns rocks thrown fighting for the throne

Gigantic ground and water blasts reaching great heights taking on cities

Corrupted government puppets have no idea who they are a product of a loan

Citizens preying for survival while on the war ship of their masters

Tightening the shackles of the mind once a week for supply of gasoline

A battle for souls leading to internal natural disasters

The ending of this world coming to an end seen

Easily captured souls by destroying the Supreme history

Putting yours in the place of it and strengthening it through blind faith

They call you devil but have no idea who you are while on your ship of misery

The omen is clear and has been a leader for those that don’t see the wraith

Death is not spoken by physical death but through what we belie and words from our lips

Hell is never ending if you let it be and so are these War Ships

Written by: A.D. Upchurch


The Unspoken Word

The Unspoken Word shines light on Atlanta Word Works in this short film to show the true meaning and nature of youth poetry. From “Slam”, open mic, and spoken word the poets are able to express themselves while the cameras are rolling as Team Atlanta of Atlanta Word Works travels to San Francisco, CA to compete at Brave New Voices, 2012. The Unspoken Word Short Film, will open your eyes to a culture that is looked over amongst the fine-arts in today’s society. This is a Cam Williams Film in association with

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