High Performance is a Consequence of Habits

Habits and productivity

There are good habits and bad habits and there are habits that have no distinct categorization nor purpose. But there are also habits that are developed on purpose to accomplish a goal. Building habits to achieve high performance or productivity is an example of this.

Personal and working habits could make or break a person’s productivity. In our personal and professional life, we are the sum total of our habits. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “our habits become our values and our values, become our destiny.” What we attain in life and at the work place is largely built on the humongous network of habits we have formed; routine behaviors that we do almost without conscious thought and which we have formed repeatedly over a period of time.

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The Children of the indigo

Well said brother.



These days, children pay attention to these people that still don’t know themselves, but try to teach anyway. We need strong willed, fearless, passionate and spiritual people to lead our youth. If you are mighty like a like lion then the youth will be…if you love all people unconditionally, regardless if they have ill feelings about you, You will become great, as well the youth. Aspire to change the world and the youth will find a way to do so.

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Infinite Love

Well said, Steve. 🙂



                      PATH TO LOVE

Knowing the great spirit is knowing yourself, so steadily seek. Confront thyself before you confront others. You may have to fight demons that hold hostage a piece of your true self. You have to know that they can’t win if you say so, if you believe in YOU. When you win…you begin, to love.

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RefleXions on ‘Addiction 1’

I really enjoyed this. Short, but to the point.

Mind WorX


IF YOU ARE, or have ever been addicted to any type of drug, like nicotine for instance, when you smoked those first few cigarettes, the ego thought, ‘That’s good, I’d like some more of that,’ so it created a folder labelled ‘smoking gives me a good feeling’ and into that folder it placed pleasurable memories of those smoking experiences for later reference.

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Ego Matrix 2


Did you hear about what happened with Kobe Bryant?

Lisa: Yeah, I knew he was a dog when he first cheated.

Stacy: She about to get a bunch of money too; that’s what he gets.

Lisa: I agree Stacy: Ohhhhhh, how about that new Keeping Up With The Kardashians App.

Lisa: Girllll, you late; downloaded it 1 year ago.

Stacy: Damm! I gotta get me one of those phone’s that could do that.

Lisa: Lol! Broke Ass! Stacy: Whatever *itch Lol!

Lisa: Did you know: Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith are gearing up to debut a special New Year’s single on “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve With Ryan Seacrest 2012″ on Saturday night.

Stacy: Whaaaaatttt! Did you just say 2012?

Lisa: Yup! Red carpet dot com girl;  I was there a long time ago.

Stacy: You be up on all that.

Lisa: Got to Stacy: Are you going to church on Sunday?

Lisa: Yeah, of course. You know I love my Jesus.

Stacy: Me too

Lisa: Did you hear about Ego Matrix 2?

Stacy: No, but I need to go check it out.